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Student Spotlight - Kerri Kokias

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

1. When did you join the gym?

I joined in September, 2018. I just completed my 100th class which feels like a milestone. I’m proud of myself for showing up again and again. I’m persistent if nothing else.  2. What got you interested in boxing and what keeps you coming back?

I attended my first class to escort my daughter who wanted to try out boxing. I was thinking I’d show up for a class or two, get my butt kicked, go home and take a nap, and then fade out and let my daughter carry on. The butt kicking and napping part was accurate, but ironically, I got hooked and my daughter didn’t. I keep coming back because I have fun, I I like the community, I’m addicted to those endorphins, and I like that I’m feeling stronger. One cool thing about being a total novice at something is that it leaves lots of opportunity for improvement and it’s rewarding to recognize little signs of progress. 

3. What's your favorite punch?

My favorite punch is the lead hook to the body. I also really like blocking hooks to the body. 

4. Which exercise makes you give Coach the stink eye?

I think Turkish get-ups are ridiculous! I mean who sits around inventing these moves?

5. What are a few of your hobbies?

Reading, writing, swimming, bike riding, playing cards.

6. What's one thing that people might be surprised to know about you?

I’m a children's picture book author. I have one book out and two more under contract. Publishing is where I got my thick skin and learned to be persistent.

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