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At The Boxing Gym Westside, expect to have fun, work hard and sweat a ton! Everyone works out at their own fitness level and classes are tailored to fit a wide range of boxing experience. All are welcome!


If you are brand new to boxing, we will start with the basics and give you plenty of instruction as you learn proper form and technique. Be prepared for a physical and mental challenge as you push your boundaries and learn new ways of moving. Click here for more information on our class structure. 

Here are the modified class descriptions during COVID restrictions:

If you are experiencing ANY symptoms, please STAY HOME. If you come to the gym and are experiencing symptoms, a coach will ask you to go home and take care of yourself.

Attendance is allowed by reservation only so please be sure to reserve your spot in advance.

**Fully vaccinated folx are not required to wear a face mask  but all others are required to wear a face covering 100% of the time while in the gym.**


We sincerely appreciate your patient cooperation during these strange times.

Here are some of our FAQ's:

Q. I have ZERO experience, is that ok? Where do I start?

A. No experience? No problem! That is where we come in. First register here for one of our trial offers, then reserve a spot in an Essentials class to get started. You can check our calendar for a schedule of classes. Once you attend your first Essentials class, you can come to Bag Therapy, Womxn's and Open Gym.

Q. The classes are often reserved full. How to I get a reservation?

A. Please download the ZenPlanner app and make use of the waitlist. Most people are cleared and able to attend. You can reserve classes up to a month in advance!

Q. What ages do you train?

A. We work with students who are 12 years and older.

Q. I don't want to spar with anyone or compete, can I still learn how to box?

A. Yes, you can absolutely still learn how to box. Students only spar if they have a desire to spar and only after sufficient training AND a coaches approval. Sparring is NOT a requirement for participation.


Q. How does your trial offer work?

A. We offer your first 3 group classes for just $20 and this includes a pair of handwraps. Once you attend your first class, you have 10 consecutive days from the date of your first class to use your 3 classes. You must have your own boxing gloves for classes. For your convenience, gloves are available for purchase at the gym. 

Q. How much does it cost after the trial?

A. Click here to see our menu of tuition options.

Q. What equipment do I need / What should I bring?

A. You get a pair of handwraps with the purchase of your trial. You must also have your own gloves, which you may purchase at the gym. You will sweat a lot so be sure to wear comfortable work out apparel, sneakers and bring a bottle of water. Remember to bring your mask (if you are not fully vaccinated).

Q. Do I need to sign any contracts or pay any sign up fees?

A. No, there are no long term contracts or sign up fees. We only ask that you be on autopay and that you give us at least 3 days email notice of cancellation. Click here for more details about our cancellation policy.

Q. I am interested in competing. Can I do that here?

A. Yes. Please send us an email at as well as click on the "Rat City Boxing" tab above and we can take it from there.

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