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Address: 9617 16th Ave SW, Seattle WA 98106     |     E-mail: theboxinggymws@gmail.com     |     Phone: (206)294-6539


​We are a diverse community. Warm, welcoming and supportive, we work hard while having fun. Our lessons are rooted in fundamentally sound boxing with a progressive training curriculum designed to teach you the art of boxing while you get fit.



We foster an inclusive space for unifying community and self actualization through boxing.

We have designed our program to help guide students through a Beginner level of Boxing and beyond. You can train through the progression as follows:

Beginner Level - Intro to the fundamentals that will help you develop The Essentials of Balance, Angles, Timing : Distance. At this level you will learn Stance, Footwork, all of your basic punches, basic combos, blocks and some head movement, while simultaneously improving your fitness. This is an 8 week series and each weeks instruction builds on the previous weeks information. Once the 8 weeks have been completed you can begin coming to Boxing classes. You can begin at any time in the series. 


Intermediate Level - Build on your foundation with more advanced footwork, more complex combos, more head movement, counterpunching, feints, further improve your fitness level and more. Most students will need to attend 3-6 months of Boxing classes in order to be invited to our Advanced level classes. 


This is an Advanced level class. We will do a variety of Defense drills, Sparring and Competition level conditioning in this class. Must have a Headgear, Mouthguard and Sparring Gloves to participate, as well as clearance from a coach.

In addition to our core training program, we offer the following classes to enhance your learning experience and improve your fitness.


All Levels - Womxn's boxing class for all bodies, and a safe space for queer, trans, and womxn of color.​


All Levels - Get a full body workout using Kettlebells, Heavy Bag drills and body weight exercises. This is a high intensity, Strength and Conditioning class. Students who are enrolled in the boxing program as well as students who are just looking for a great workout will benefit.​​


We regularly host a variety of different workshops. Past workshops have included "Rhythm n Boxing", Hand Speed, Mitt Work and Infighting to name a few. You can find them on our Facebook page (Facebook.com/theboxinggym) and on ZenPlanner.


"Doesn't matter what you're looking for - you'll find it at this gym. Looking for an awesome workout? You'll get it in spades. Want to take your boxing technique to the next level? The excellent coaching at the West Seattle Boxing Gym will transform you. Looking for a supportive, truly inclusive community of people who all happen to really like boxing? Welcome home."

Leo Roux

address: 9617 16th Ave SW, Seattle WA 98106

email: theboxinggymws@gmail.com | phone: (206)294-6539